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About Us

They say lucky are those who do what they love, and love what they do. That saying is so true. Children change their minds thousands of times about what they want to be when they grow up, but not me!  From 3 years of age my mind was set - I knew I wanted to work with plants… to be a Gardener. As a child a Gardener to me was a magician! Someone who could plant a tiny seed and grow a living, breathing plant, flowers and even food?! – it had to be magic right?  

My love affair with plants started at 3, when I planted a pip from a grape and grew a grapevine, and believe it or not, over 30 years later, I still have that same grapevine! That fragile but resilient little thing fascinated me as I watched over it, watering it, talking to it, coaxing it out of the soil to becoming my first plant; that was it. I was in love. 

Throughout my childhood I carried on with cultivating my green fingers and went on to study Horticulture and Landscape Design.  Combining my 15+years of experience in Horticulture and 10+ years of working in eCommerce I knew the time was now right to share my passion for plants and gardening.   And this is how was born.

With Little Plants I want to spread my love for nature and help you see the beauty in ‘growing your own’.  To see that there is nothing more rewarding than planting a seed and growing a beautiful flower, a lush plants or vegs.  To see that it is possible to grow foods and plants in any area of your home, garden or balcony, no matter where you live, rural, city or urban dwellers can all to learn to become self-sufficient and sustainable with plants. 

What is our Aim? ‘From little seeds mighty oaks grow…’

Operating from our cottage in County Meath, Little Plants is all about sustainability.  We believe in giving back to nature and taking care of the environment and our aim is to become 100% sustainable. All of our planting kits are sourced from recycled, repurposed or compostable materials Mother Nature.  Our growing kits for kids are personally crafted with everything you need to ‘grow your own’ in handmade, 100% recycled and compostable kits.

Beginner’s friendly: No previous experience is needed to start using our kits. All  materials and instructions you need to grow your own are supplied and we have plenty of ideas here on our website to inspire you.

We supply easy-to-maintain children’s garden growing kits for all four seasons, to provide a positive experience for children and adults alike, to learn more about the wonderful world of gardening. 

Education and growth: The importance of learning about plants for children is tremendous. Nothing connects them with nature more than indulging in nature itself. Children learn best by doing, so engaging with different plants will teach them all about growth, insects, and the seasons. If nothing else, your child will ace biology class. 

Encouraging outdoor activities Inspired by nature, your child will have so much fun. They will want to spend more time outside and take a genuine interest in growing and creating their crafts. We have all types of plants for kids’ worksheets you might need.

We have created three types of growing plants for children and adults:

  1. Seeds packets
  2. Children’s seed growing kits 
  3. Six different packs of baby plug plants (little plants)

Our packets and gardening kits include all different types of plants to grow indoors and outdoors. 

Children will learn to grow plants like the Mimosa Pudica, the ‘sensitive plant’, whose leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken only, to come back to their original position a few minutes after as protection from potential harm. 

Indoor herb and veggie packs you can grow and cook with or imagine your child’s delight of celebrating Halloween with pumpkins they grew themselves. Priceless!

Our flower growing kits have many blossoming flowers including sunflowers and other colourful plants.

Above all, no matter what you and your children grow, our kits will provide you an opportunity to create a common experience and create memories together, who knows, it may even inspire our great gardeners of the future.

So come on, join us and have a grow!

- Amy