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Sunflower Sowing Instructions

Grow your own Sunflower

Sow Sunflower seed indoors as from March - May on a sunny windowsill. Transplant seedlings into individual 10cm pots when the first true leaves appear. Eventually, transplant them into 30cm pots of peat-free, multi-purpose compost. Best kept on a warm windowsill or wait until all risk of frost has passed before moving them outside, in a sunny spot. 

Step 1 - Pop compost disc in a bowl with approx 200ml of water and allow to expand (usually 10-15 minutes)

Step 2 -Fill pot with compost 

Step 3 - Sow seeds approx 0.5cm deep in the compost. 

Step 4 - Place on warm windowsill 

Step 5 - Keep compost moist not wet. Once the compost has dried out a little from being dissolved compost should feel cold to touch not wet or soggy.

Seeds will germinate in 10-14 days after sowing. 

Helianthus 'Sunrich Orange' is known for attracting bees, beneficial insects, birds, butterflies​/​moths and other pollinators. It is nectar-pollen-rich-flowers and has seeds for birds.

Happy growing and most of all, enjoy!

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