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Sweet Pea sowing instructions

If you are reading this page you have recieved our LittlePlants plastic free wedding favours and have scanned the QR code! 

Below are the sowing instructions for your seeds which are in this case Sweet Pea.  

Can be sown indoors between October and March or outdoor from May, sow 5mm deep into moist well-drained soil. Propagate 20-25°C. Once germinated, grow on in cooler conditions. Pot out in May once frost has passed - usually around the 18th of May but check local forecast

Step 1 - Pop compost disc in a bowl with approx. 200ml of water and allow to expand (usually 5-7 minutes)

Step 2 -Fill pot with compost

Step 3 - Sow seeds approx. 5mm deep in the compost.

Step 4 - Place on warm windowsill

Step 5 - Keep compost moist, not wet. Once the compost has dried out a little from being dissolved, compost should feel cold to touch, not wet or soggy. 

Seeds will germinate in 7-21 days after sowing.