Little Gardeners Gloves Size 3

Little Gardeners Gloves Size 3

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These reusable latex gardening gloves are perfect for little gardeners. The are waterproof and durable and with bright colours and playful puppy design your child will love them,

Available in Size 2, 3 and 5, check out our size chart below. 


How do I know which gloves to choose?

Measurement information
Measure the circumference of the hand at the widest point of the wrist (excluding the thumb). The centimeter should be loosely around your hand the tape should fit loosely around your hand.

Size chart: Children's gloves


Age Approx         Glove sizes       Circumference in cm

          1-3                           2                                 12

          2-4                           3                                 14

          4-7                           5                                 16